Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The story of mind
The Weird Thing in My Life
       I am in form 2music class, I meet a girl name…………... When I first meet her in the class, I thought she is a people that difficult to communicate but I am wrong. I am wondering how I meet her and become my best friend, although I do not know her well in Form1 music.
          When my Form 2 school life’s started, I am good with the girl’s friend name,,,,,,,,,,,, I think he is the person who make our friendship to go more forward. Started that day I meet him and her, my life grows more colorful. I had met many chinese girl which also from the other class.
          This makes me very good because after I know her, I had try out many thing in my life. From that day on, I had meet many girlfriend, such like their name started with W, C, T, C and also A of course. I don’t know why we become so close.
          I think this story must start with the game badminton, this is because SAMUEL  and KONG had made a decision to not to call Aw to go for playing badminton. They had told me earlier, I also agree at the 1st. After a few days I can’t stand on it, so I tell Aw the true. When I tell her that time it was night. After I told her the true, she immediately cry and since that day she starting to trust me and tell me all about her. Just after that day, I became a listener. But then I shocked and fell sorry, because they had became couple for two weeks and now I just break them up. Oh My God!!! I think I make a wrong thing but what I know is she is making me confuse, she just keep on telling me that I am right. A new experience begin here also, she cry to me at midnight till about half an hour, I just keep on ask her not to cry. Besides, I also learn how to advise a sad people other than caring them with a old style.

          The conclusion is this friend make me proud to be with her as best friend and the weird thing is................................ "friendship". 
1. We need friend to make good communication to help each other
2.A friend is needed in all people life
3.Please tolerate each other.

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                                                                                                       by kelvin

THE DAY I WALK IN BHL(welcomers are allow)


1st day we started to work at BHL for training 1 week, everything fresh and new. Our boss named Mr.Ben, a very handsome and nice boss. As we are still junior, he set us at sales department 1st, doing some easy work.... then we learn how "kill" customer to buy a laptop.. wakakakaakak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKOK, back to normal.... Encik Azmi, the senior in BHL told us that a part time worker smashed him like hell!! so he call us to prepare for the war, because she will come later... (OMG ><)
her body is damn chubby, and strong... bt i can't BELIEVE that she is black belt 2nd don. oh my god!!!!!!1stly we almost trusted him but at last a practical upsi student tell us that the old man is just " hiperbola". haiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a few days, our experience same like computer 2 dual core 2 duo. damn fast learning. we also had "kill" many customer to buy lenovo, acer, toshiba, and also dell. Our boss told us that "BHL" true name is "Barang  Harga Lowyat" (stunt) =="
someone also said is "Benedict Handsome Liew" (stunt again) ==""
actually, our boss's name is Benedict H.Liew, but we still cannot figure it out what is H stand for? ==
Hungry?  Handsome? Henry? Hand some? or Honey? haiz.....(no comment)

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the day play a roll in making g-mail

Just in the morning came to schul. The computer is lag la, very slow. 512 mb, but i still get a chance to open a web n g-mail. yeah.......................  when 9.30 we start to make private web. at http://www.000webhost.com/. i dunknw for wat, haiz!