Thursday, March 17, 2011

form 4 not honey moon year,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so,,,,,,, stresss la,,, nanti banyak tua lo,,,

haiz,,,,, teacher talking and talking the same thing, form 4 not a honey moon year,,, so pening la,,,
y n y n y,,,,,,

now 3.17.2011 four days before exam,,,,
so stress... still gt thing blur blur la,,,
i wan to learn but some realy stress me,,,

tel me smtg to overcome,,,, please,,, coupling oso no,,,,,then family problem oso no....

schul lo,,,, the teacher teaching like shittt,,,, some la,,,

making people blur...
jus like math... gt two teacher... y?

then ..

now tired,,,, at the time 11.10p.m   wan sleep lo,,,