Sunday, May 15, 2016

Flower tea for relaxing

Flower tea for relaxing time~ 2weeks before~ during exam season~ we had some flower tea while studying together~ 

Study group during exam time

Study group? Yes~ some of them too tired~ haha~ taken a photo while she sleeping~ 

丢回(老黄瓜汤) old cucumber soup

This is the 2nd meal I cooked in my new room~ my Coursemate said they wanna drink soup, so I just cooked it and share with them~ is not really tasty for them, but good enough for one who love mild taste~

Recipe: based on a medium slow cooker
Chicken 2 pieces
1 old cucumber
5-8 dates
1teaspoon of salt and abit of soy sauce 

(Salt quantity is depend)

Working as a guard again~

A night here~ sleeping, guarding, working, worrying ~

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dinner of the day

Just move into the room and the first meal I cook here~ just a simple one~