Friday, February 26, 2016

That night

26/2/2016 00.43am

The Night in CC

After a long long time, saying wanna continue blogging but only look into it when i am free.

Time is always the problem for me, there is always a sudden case disturbing the schedule which is originally plan. 

When Assignment, Exam, Part time work, Competition, and also Meeting all coming in together. CC is where the place I found recently giving me relax time & entertain.

Looking into my friend blog recently, she is quiet active, it had gave me some ohm to start today post with smtg. 

2 exam is coming soon, less than 48hours, and i am still in cyber cafe now writing blog. For me the time is manage by our self, the academic is also important, but anyhow without a correct mood or interest in doing smtg we will not feel the happiness and satisfaction. This is one of a thought of myself and I wish that what i do now can find a right way to pass through every task given happily and enjoying. 

University life's is not easy and not too tuft to pass through, so follow our decision with a good mind set and enjoy it is one of my way. 

to be continued......